CH. Domino’s Remarkable Sampson
Sire:CH.Clearlake Amica John Smith(SOD)
Dam:Ch. Domino’s Lonesome Dove

Date of Birth: July 29,2009

Call Name “Sam”


Clear for PRA ,Clear for NAD.


Pedigree of  Domino’s Remarkable Sampson

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Sire:CH. Clearlake Amica John Smith
 CH. Copper Mist Ice Dancer  CH.Graycaz Due South
 Can CH. Graycaz Asa Spades
 CH.Clearlake Chiffon Amica  CH. Hodges Frosted Denium
 Firefox Zephyr Lady
DAM:CH Domino’s Lonesome Dove
 CH. Domino’s Zeus  CH. Jeda Monsieur Gatt
 CH. Domino’s Silent Treasure
Domino’s Lasso The Moon  CH. Loteki By Moonlight
 Domino’s Midnight Sanity